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Travel Grants

Travel Grants Guidelines

There are two types of travel grants that are either supported or provided by the Weed Society of Victoria (WSV): grants awarded by the Council of Australasian Weed Societies (CAWS), and the WSV travel grants. Through supporting or providing the travel grants the WSV aims to:

  • support the exchange of information and ideas based on weed research and practice
  • encourage the study of weeds and the dissemination of findings
  • encourage cooperation and networking
  • promote the Weed Society of Victoria.

Council of Australasian Weed Societies Travel Awards

There are three CAWS travel awards:

  • Annual student travel award
  • Annual early career weed scientist travel award
  • AWC travel award

The purpose of the travel awards is to support students, early career scientists and community group members to attend national or international conferences, or to undertake specific overseas study tours of a short duration. CAWS travel awards are made available annually, or less frequently depending on the standard of the applications.


The travel awards are open to students or early career scientists or other community members residing in Australia or New Zealand. Members of societies affiliated with CAWS may be given preference.

Application Process

Applications and criteria are available on the CAWS website CAWS website.

Applications recommended by the WSV executive committee for consideration are submitted to CAWS by 1 March each year. Applicants are also notified of the outcome of the review at this time. The CAWS committee may, at its discretion, extend the deadline of 1 March. The awards are made by CAWS on 1st July each year for the following 12 months. The names of the successful applicants will be published by WSV in Weedscene.

Requirements of recipients

On returning, the successful applicant will be expected to give a report to WSV, either as a written report for Weedscene or as part of a seminar, meeting or workshop conducted by WSV. It will be part of the successful applicant's duty to pass on as much information as possible to WSV and it is the right of WSV to specify the format.

WSV Travel Grants

WSV provides travel grants to enable up to two of its members to attend a weeds conference. The WSV travel grants are awarded annually or less frequently depending on the standard of the applications.


Recipients of the grant must have been members of the WSV for at least one year and be current financial members. The grant will not be given to the same person more than once in a ten year period. The grant can be used for the registration fee, travel and accommodation costs to attend the weeds conference. The maximum grant per recipient is $1,500.

Application process

Applications are made using the WSV travel grant application form accompanying these guidelines, which are available below. Applications should be brief and include:

  • a summary of the applicant's weed-related work
  • a copy of the abstract of the paper or a summary of the poster, if presenting
  • the anticipated benefits of attending the conference
  • a summary of any involvement in the activities of WSV
  • details of any financial or in-kind assistance which will be provided from other sources to attend the conference
  • the amount of financial assistance being applied for from WSV.

The application is to be made to WSV by 1 May. The deadline of 1 May may be extended at the discretion of the WSV. A panel of three qualified WSV members, appointed by the executive committee, will judge the submissions. The panel will assess each application for the extent to which it meets the aims of the WSV travel grant guidelines and the criteria below:

  • the relevance of the paper or poster to the topic of the conference, if presenting
  • the potential benefits of attending the conference
  • any involvement in WSV
  • the amount of financial assistance being applied for - applications which include details of other support to attend the conference whether financial or in-kind will be considered favourably.

The travel grant is awarded by 1 July for attending the conference in the next 12 months. The names of the successful applicants will be published in Weedscene.

Note: Applications for WSV travel grants close on 1 May each year. Applicants will be advised of the outcome within 4 weeks.

Requirements of recipients

Within two months of attending the conference recipients are required to submit a written report suitable for insertion in Weedscene to include:

  • highlights of the conference and
  • benefits of the recipient having attended the conference.

More information

Further information may be found on the Council of Australasian Weed Societies website.

If you would like more information from WSV, please contact the the WSV Secretary by email.


Download the attached document for the WSV guidelines and applications form.

TravelGrantGuidelines 2014(5).doc66 KB