Guide to Different Industrial Water Treatment Systems for an Optimum Solution

Water drawn from municipal sources, wells and surface that is used for cooling, washing, rinsing, heating, and other processes is industrial water. It needs to be treated to protect machines from damage and reduce running costs. Untreated water cannot only reduce the operating life of equipment, but the impurities in it can also get into your product and compromise its quality.
Today, there are different water treatment technologies; hence making it difficult for you to select one that is ideal for your needs. You should know that a quality industrial water treatment system will is one aspect that will help you achieve your goals and objectives. With it, the number of efficiencies you will find on your way to business success will be immeasurable. Therefore, taking your time before you make a purchase is one sure way of ensuring you get the best.
If you are wondering how you will choose an industrial water treatment system for optimum solutions, worry no more. This is the perfect guide that outlines the factors you need to consider for when looking for different types of industrial water treatment systems.

How to choose an excellent raw water treatment system

In case your business draws water from a raw source, then you will need to treat it so that you can guarantee the quality of products you deal with. Choosing the best raw water treatment system is, therefore, something that should be at the helm of your to-do list. Plaza Water Treatment Services recommends to consider some key factors shown below before your final purchase;

Test the system

Yes, if you need it, then have it tested! You do not want a system that you will purchase, and after you install it, you notice that it is not working as it was intended to. This can jeopardize your business goals, and you might end up spending another fortune replacing it. You should ask for a water treatability testing, which will be done by experts in a lab. The results will tell you whether the system is ideal for your needs, and if it is, they will show you how to use it for the best solutions.


An excellent raw water treatment system does not come cheaply. It is a hefty investment. Therefore, consider those systems that are made with materials that will guarantee durability. For example, one made of stainless steel will be expensive to buy, but at the end of the day, it will save you a lot in maintenance costs.

Choosing the best cooling tower industrial water treatment system

This system is used to treat different systems of water within a cooling tower circulation water, blowdown water, and feed water. You will choose a system depending on the stream of water you want to treat in your facility’ hence you should consider the following factors;

The system’s specifications

Never purchase a cooling tower industrial water treatment system that will not be ideal for your industrial needs. Therefore, check the specs of the system until you find what is perfect for your facility.
Ideally, there are two types of cooling towers; closed loop and open circulating, and you will need to choose the one you believe is best for your industrial requirements. Then, check the water quality specifications as well as the technologies that need to be put in place for the system to offer the best results.

The quality of the feed water

For a fact, the feed water can affect the functionality of the system. Consider testing the water before you go to the market so that you can determine what you need. Look at the hardness and PH of the water so that you can protect your cooling tower equipment from corrosion, clogging, scale, and a range of other problems.

Choosing an industrial wastewater treatment system

Your processes generate lots of wastewater, and instead of releasing it to the environment where it can cause more harm than good, it is prudent to invest in an industrial wastewater treatment system. The system will ensure you reuse wastewater, cut disposal costs, and ensure you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the law by violating the discharge regulations. When choosing this system, consider the following factors;

Contents of your wastewater

Don’t go to the market and buy a wastewater treatment equipment just because you believe it will help you purify water and make it safe to reuse. No! First, determine your wastewater’s characterization. This will assist in making sure you only focus on technologies that can meet your specific needs. If for example, your wastewater contains grease, suspended solids, and oil in large amounts, then you should look for a system with more specialized treatment options.

Test the system

This is not a prerequisite, but it is something that can ensure you get the best for your facility. Doing a treatability study will ensure you get a grasp of the contents of your wastewater; thus ensuring you purchase a system that will help you achieve your goals.

Choosing the best boiler feed industrial water treatment system

If you use a boiler system in your facility, then you need to treat feed water so that you can ensure smooth operations and high temperatures, and that the boilers components are protected. The following are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a boiler feed water treatment system.

The quality of the feed water

First, have your feed water tested so that you can know the impurities present. Then, you will be able to select a system that will be able to deal with contaminants effectively.

Boiler specifications

There is a specific quality you need for your water, right? Then you need to select a boiler feed industrial water treatment system that will help you achieve this, and looking at the manufacturer’s specifications will help you choose the quality equipment that will meet your requirements.

Consider seeking the services of a water treatment professional…

Choosing the best industrial water treatment system for your facility is a complicated undertaking. Unless you are an expert yourself, you need to seek the services of a qualified water treatment specialists who will guide you in purchasing the right equipment that will bring optimum solutions, carry out treatability tests, and assist you to select the technologies that will suit the unique and highly personalized processes in your facility.

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