About Us

WEED AWARENESS, networking, and sharing knowledge is what we do best

The Weed Society of Victoria is an organisation for people interested in any aspect of invasive plants (weeds). This might include: terrestrial or aquatic weeds; the biology, ecology, and management of weeds; their place in the environment; their benefits and uses; or their place in history and art.

A long and rich history in weed volunteering

The Society was founded in 1966 and initially called the Weed Science Society of Victoria Inc. The name was subsequently changed to the Weed Society of Victoria Inc (WSV).
Specialties in the Society are varied including invasive species management, invasive species science, environmental weeds, and agricultural weeds. Membership is varied representing government, commercial, community groups and individuals, with roles including researchers, practitioners, education, farming and land/water managers.


The Society’s main objectives are to promote an extensive awareness and interest in weeds, to provide an environment for the discussion of weed management issues, containing the interchange of information based on research, practice and to encourage the study of weeds and the dissemination of findings from those studies and to achieve these objectives.


Norm Stone
Ros Shepherd
Rob Richardson
Harry Combellack

ABOUT US and our activities

The Society offers a range of opportunities to participate and share knowledge.

Technical Advice & Resources

Tap into our members and broader community for advice on weeds through our active Facebook page. A rich source of information is available in our conference proceedings and newsletters. Speak with members at Society events.

Education & Training

We support occasional training and workshop activities.

Partnerhsips & Advocacy

We partner with agencies and other groups in delivering various events and activities.