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Conference Proceedings
1st WSV Conference Proceedings 2003
2nd WSV Conference Proceedings 2005
3rd WSV Conference Proceedings 2007
4th WSV Conference Proceedings 2009
5th WSV Conference Proceedings 2014

Council of Australasian Weed Societies Inc.

Weeds at the Early Stage of Invasion Project
A decision making framework for managing weeds at the early stage of invasion 

Weeds in Australia (Federal Government)

Agriculture Victoria
Weed information notes including environmental weeds

Various keys including weeds

National Herbarium of Victoria
Identification (some services for fee) and information services 

The definitive online resource to plants, fungi and algae of Victoria including weeds 

Victorian Noxious weed status
Weeds declared in Victoria under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (CaLP Act), are listed on the Agriculture Victoria website

Weed risk assessment – Advisory list of environmental weeds in Victoria
The advisory list report describes an objective ‘expert system’ for ranking environmental weed species with respect to management urgency, and presents the application of this method as an annotated list.

Weed risk assessments – Available on Victorian Resources Online (VRO)